Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Breaks and Routine

Creative people, although awesome, sometimes have a hard time focusing their creative energy into their potential work on a daily basis. Some people refer to their creative juices as their muse, someone or something that gives them ideas or inspiration.

NaNoWriMo is all about writing whether or not your muse shows up. And somewhere along the way of forcing yourself to write, you learned how to keep going whether or not you felt like it.

Yes, the crazy deadline of 50,000 words in 30 days is in our past. But the lessons we learned in those 30 days can stay with us much longer than November. You can write more than once a year if you develop a habit of writing.

If you’ve decided to write on a regular basis, you must find a routine that is conducive to both your schedule and your sanity. If you decide that your best time to write is 5am, make sure that you can get up at that time on a consistent basis, what you write is coherent, and you don’t spend the whole time going, “This is stupid. I should be sleeping.”

While routines are wonderful, things like the holidays, family trips, family emergencies, power failures, and whatnot tend to disrupt those routines. While you may enjoy the break from cleaning out the castle grout with your standard toothbrush, remember to get back to your writing after your schedule clears. But if you take too long of a break, you may never come back to your story.

Basically, breaks are awesome. Constant progress on your story is also awesome.

Now, get back to your story. Your princess is complaining that she’s been left alone too long. The good thing about editing is that you can place her with the hungry dragon whenever she’s annoying. Whether or not you tell her that you won’t leave her there is entirely up to you.

*saluting you with my own editing toothbrush*
*heading back to my reconstructing castle*

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