Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Don't Stop!

I want to take the day off today. As I write this, it’s a snow day. I’ve had nowhere to be, and I can always edit on another day. I’m making good progress on editing my story. I have another beta who wants to read what I’m working on, which works out perfectly since I’m adding in one beta’s suggestions.

And yet, I find other stuff to do. I check Facebook. I tend my virtual farm. I chat on a writing board. I chat on another board. I look at my story document, my paper notes, and I decide it’s time to check the internet again.

I’m making progress, so I shouldn’t be frustrated with myself. But I am. I KNOW I can do better. I can edit more than three chapters a day if I tried. But I haven’t tried hard enough. I haven’t made myself stay off the internet until I’ve done x amount of work.

It Is Okay To Be Frustrated

Writing is a crazy business. You will question your sanity as your plot thickens, your characters tempt fate, and you write in a dragon that had no prior place in the story. You will get upset when you waste time doing something on the computer when you COULD be spending that time working on your story.

It Takes Discipline

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing, editing, or researching for another story. It takes dedication and discipline in order to make yourself stop being distracted long enough to make progress on your story. It means getting off Facebook for a bit. Trust me, the cute pictures will still be there at the end of the day.

This Is Hard Work

Why do you think you’re frustrated with yourself? Why do you call it quits for the day after the chapter where your MC was put through the ringer? Writing is hard work. Rewriting and editing are even harder. Writing isn’t for the weak. You have to keep on pushing.

Why? Because right now, you’re the only one who can breathe the right amount of life into your story. And if you don’t get into the habit of making yourself work on your story even when you don’t feel like it, chances are you won’t make it far in the writing world. You will be content with your place on the mountain, and never care to see the heights of it or the surrounding rocks.

But if you want to keep on and get your book published, you’re going to have to push through. Sure, your spot on the mountain is nice. You’ve become cozy. But you can’t hang suspended there forever. Either a storm will come and knock you off your perch, or the personal touches you’ve added to your little stop will be blown away. It’s time to move on.

Keep Climbing!

This blog post was written just as much for me as it was for you. Stop wasting time on the internet. Open your story document and GET TO WORK! It’s time to make your story better. And the only one who can do that is you.

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  1. Thanks....I needed this today. And yesterday. And probably tomorrow. It is amazing how much time I can waste without even noticing. And since I have a limited amount of writing time each day, I really need to watch how much time I spend browsing around the Internet, hanging out on Facebook, etc.

    Good luck (to both of us)!