Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Spoiled Writer

I never thought I would admit to being a spoiled writer. I have learned to write just about anywhere, with or without a computer, with and without distractions. As long as I had a story to work with, I could focus and write something in my down time.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, my laptop is basically out of commission for a bit. It has a virus that my anti-virus can find but not fix. I’ve tried another program, and it didn’t fix the problem, either. I’m going to have to take it to a computer shop and let them clean it up. However, that must wait until I have the money to take it in.

Thankfully, my documents are safe. I backed up my story files onto a flash drive.

I am also lucky enough to live in a house where there are spare computers. I have been loaned a laptop for the time being. I installed the writing program that I use while the rest of the world struggles with Microsoft Word.

Technically, I have the ability now to open up the story I have been editing since March and continue fixing it. Though I have done that from time to time, I haven’t on a regular basis since my own computer basically went kaput.

I am thankful to have access to a computer. I am thankful to be able to write. But I can’t deny that my main complaint these days is “I want my own computer.” I basically have access to the same information on this loaned computer, but my spoiled inner writer keeps whining whenever I think about editing. “This would be easier on your own computer.”

I never thought I’d be whining because the keyboard was different. But the one I’m using is slightly different, and it drives me nuts at different times. That shouldn’t keep me from making progress on my story, but it is.

I have learned from this experience that I don’t back up my work enough. I will be more careful about that in the future.

Has anyone else been surprised by the simple things you have to have in order to write effectively?


  1. I feel your pain! A few months back my laptop needed to be sent out for repair. I have a desktop at home, but no longer could bring my laptop to work with me, where I usually get some editing/writing time. I backed up all my writing, and lived on my USB. I e-mailed my document back and forth. I used four different computers. I figured out how to edit through my iPad. My productivity slowed me down but I wasn't stopped. Where there is a will there is a way.

    I did almost make out with my laptop when it came back. I think the feeling was mutual...

  2. I will be VERY thankful when my laptop is returned.

    Glad I'm not alone!

    It's very neat and scary that all of my books can fit onto my flash drive. Hmm. I sense another blog entry there...

  3. Ouch! My hard drive crashed in December. The computer was not even a year old, so it was under warranty. Fortunately, I had backed everything up, as you did.

    Now I have Carbonite as an additional backup.

    I hope your computer is back and behaving.

  4. Yes, my computer is finally back. *hugs it close*

    Glad you had your backup files. Very important! I will be super cautious about that now, too.