Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Field Trip!

Today or tomorrow, I want you to take a field trip. It can be another grocery run for the Thanksgiving dinner necessities (and more writing snacks), a visit to a local book store, or a coffee house. The only requirement is that you must go someplace where other people are present. The day to shun human interaction and do a mad dash to the finish line is not yet upon us. But, back to that trip.


As you go about your errand, smile at the rows of books on the shelves, or enjoy that coffee you’ve been craving, observe the other people there. Now that you’ve gotten the hang of writing different characters, imagine those people’s stories as they go on about their business around you. That lady that walked by – is she a mom? Is she trying to lose weight?

Watch people on your field trip. It will help if you don’t know them. If you need more characters at this point in your story, this little outing and your imaginary stories for everyone else should help. You can even describe them if you need to (one of those areas where I struggle).

That, and a change of scenery might energize you to write that next scene. Now go write! The finish line is approaching!

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