Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This Is Hard!

If you’re still behind and typing madly to catch up, right about now you’re questioning your sanity for embarking on this challenge, wondering if you should listen to your children arguing in the next room, and fretting that you’ll run out of plot before you reach the 50k mark.

That spaceship crash you were so excited about a few days ago is dull. The new alien and your hero are chasing the villain, but he is holed up in a place so secure you don’t even know where he went. You’re now wandering aimlessly through the woods with two characters and no hope of it getting any better.

There is Hope

You have decided to go forward no matter what. Yesterday was your jumping off point. Today, we will pretend that you are not free to stop at any time. If you chose to go on, you have passed the point of no return.

Do Not Panic

I know someone who penned 13k on the very last day. I wrote my camp story mostly by hand. If we can cross the finish line, so you can you. All you have to do is believe in yourself and kick Doubt out the door every time he enters. Now that we’re in crunch time, we have no room for Doubt. He will distract you, and you’ve reached the point where you cannot be distracted.

Think of Your Reward

If you’re missing the things you’ve given up in anticipation of finishing, remember that reward you planned a few weeks ago. Soon, you will be able to reap the benefits of your hard work. You can celebrate being done. But first, you have to finish.

You’re Close!

Why give up when you’re this close to the finish line? That pretty ribbon I’ve been gabbing about for days is not only closer, it’s within sight. Don’t give up! How will you feel if you stop now, having never finished?

Keep on Going!

You will never know how far you are able to go until you try. Today, shut Doubt up by writing until you can write no more.

Besides, you’re nearing the end of the story, which is usually the most exciting part. Don’t leave your characters wandering hopelessly in the woods. Have one of them stumble – and that can be the secret entrance to the villain’s lair!

Now go, vanquish that villain! It should take 2000 words easily. :)

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  1. You. Are. My. Hero. I'm so behind on word count, and I've got a test tomorrow and a ton of other stuff due and I'm slapping my past self for saying that the whole plot is in my head and I'll be okay without writing it down. BUT I know I can do this. I just needed a little affirmation. :-)