Friday, November 16, 2012

What's My Motivation?

Surely by now, you’ve wondered how you let yourself be talked into this. Your story might be at a standstill, your characters seem bland, and the plot you were all excited about two weeks ago seems boring. Though you’ve planned a reward and your vacation might be close, you’re still faced with the fact that you really don’t want to write anymore. More difficult parts are coming up, and you have no idea how to overcome them.

Today we will look at your motivation for writing this story. Are you doing it because you were convinced it’s brilliant and could make you millions? Are you doing it because you wanted to challenge yourself as a writer? Do you just want to have one complete novel under your belt? Whatever your original motivation for starting the story, I want you to reflect on that for a moment.

For me, I just wanted to finish the stories revolving around my princess so I could start on something new. I do enjoy these stories, but I’m ready to move on. But apparently I have Writer OCD, and I cannot move on to something else while I have sequel in my head to the current solution. That, and I needed a plot. I already had one for this story, so I chose this one as my NaNo project.

Why is Motivation Important?

I went to school for a theatre related field. We learned in various classes that each character had a motive. When creating our new characters for class assignments or acting out different roles, we had to ask ourselves what that character’s motivation was.

I’m asking you the same question now. What is your motivation to keep going? Do you think your story might make you millions? Then why are you not finishing it? You wanted a challenge? Then don’t quit. Do your absolute best. You wanted to finish a book? Awesome – don’t quit! You’re on the downward slope now. It will be tough, but don’t you dare quit on me!

I understand real life happens, and there are certain situations that are unavoidable. You may not be able to finish due to circumstances beyond your control. But if that does not apply to you, then get back to work! You have a novel to finish! Your character is wondering how they’re going to get out of this. Even if you’re wondering the same thing, go back to the story and see if you’re granted another moment of brilliance.

Just to make you smile, here it the video that prompted today’s topic. Thank you, Sprite!

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