Monday, November 11, 2013

Brag About Your Story

Today is the day to tell everyone about your progress with your book. Even if the plot holes are driving you crazy, you will be surprised how talking about your story will help in the long run.
Your coworkers will likely be impressed with your word count. If you’re behind, don’t tell them. They’ll still be impressed.

Tell Facebook, Twitter, and every other social media family about your NaNoWriMo goal. Tell them about your plot. Announce your progress. Watch the encouragement pour in.


In about a week, something will happen with your story that will make you want to quit. You’ll forget the excitement of the starting line, and the finish line is hidden by the hills of the next two weeks.
When you reach this point, you will be tempted to quit. But your interested coworkers and loving family members will be asking about your story by then. You will have to admit defeat to them if you quit.

In order to save face, you will likely keep going. The power of positive peer pressure is amazing. Use it wisely!

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