Saturday, November 9, 2013

Magical Meetings

It’s Saturday! The day to sleep in! get up and write. Today is your day to either catch up on your word count or get ahead.

Instead of talking about how to maximize your word count, today I’m going to encourage you to take the time to meet with your local NaNo group. No one is going to understand the elation and frustration that is NaNoWriMo better than your local group of NaNo participants.

I am the type of writer who thrives in a silent environment. Music does not help me, since I listen to the lyrics and consider drama possibilities to the good ones. Such thoughts to do not help me write.
Write-ins, times for local NaNo participants to meet together and write, are rarely quiet. The constant tapping of keys is overlapped by laughter, random questions, word count updates, and inside jokes. Though I would get more writing done at home, I rarely miss a write-in. There’s something almost magical about meeting with other writers.

I know I’m wired differently than most people. But when I’m with my writing group, I feel normal. These are my kind of people. I am not the only one who will stay up until midnight just to finish a scene. I’m not the only one walking around with a laptop or a wire bound notebook. I’m not the only one frantically racing against the clock.

Knowing I’m not alone in my struggles helps tremendously in the long run. Go to a local write-in. Have fun. Meet people. Laugh. Oh yeah, and write. We get that done at write-ins, too. Eventually.


  1. I often write more at write-ins since I'm around a bunch of other cool people working toward the same goal. Word sprints are also amazing.

    Also, I've been reading these every day as you go and enjoy them quite a bit. Thanks for writing!

    1. Word wars ARE amazing! Glad you're enjoying the posts. Thank you for reading!