Saturday, November 2, 2013


Today is the first Saturday of the month. Most of us are off work, so we can spend as much time as humanly possible in front of our computers. My suggestion is to speak to the other members of your household early in the day. Do whatever you must to carve out time for yourself. Grab your essential writing supplies and your favorite snack. You will need that cup of coffee or that candy bar later on. Get back to your computer and get comfortable. Your goal today is to write.

Get Ahead

There are going to be busy days in your future. Some days you will barely be able to write. Though I hit those days, too, I have always managed to finish NaNo early. The way I accomplish that is to get ahead of the curve. I meet my daily word count goal and keep on going. I like to get at least one day ahead of my normal quota. Taht way, when rough days come, it doesn’t make me fall behind.

Get ahead of the minimum goal. Stay ahead. The perfect time to do that is today.

Now, go! Write!

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