Thursday, November 14, 2013

Push Yourself

I’ve been writing long enough to know how I operate. I know what will make me work harder. I know how to push myself to get something done. The thrill of finishing a book is amazing. My aim is to help you experience this feeling for yourself.

What Makes You Work Harder?

If you write better with music, turn it on. If you write better with white noise, find the loudest place in the house and get to work. If you will work extra hard to get a candy bar, set one out and get to work!
I do well rewarding myself for making certain goals. Last year, if I went 2k above my word goal, I could have a cream soda. I was out of cream soda very early on.

Find what works well for you. Reward yourself for writing. Don’t check the internet until you’ve made your quota. Don’t leave the noisy room until you’ve gotten caught up in your word count.

Why Bother?

As you’ve discovered by now, this is hard. Yes, you’re tired of doing it. Yes, I have questioned my sanity, too. But the point I want to drive home is that this is worth it. If you can write this story, you can do just about anything.

Now, get back to your story! Your character needs you to tell him what happens next.

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